Shirinoku - Noku Canvas
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the Noku Canvas, by Shirinoku

Houseplants reimagined.

A New Way to Display Houseplants.

Vertical Plantlife

So you can bring your plants into the foreground


So you'll never kill another houseplant

Plant Friendly

So your plants can thrive in the Noku Canvas


So you can build & customise your green wall

Wall Mounted

So you can save on shelf space


So your green wall doesn't have to cost the earth


So anyone can turn their home into an urban jungle

at £35 per canvas

The Noku Canvas is a self-watering mini green wall for the home, reimagining the way we display plantlife.

Water wicks up the cotton fibres from the water basin into the Noku Pot. Perfectly watering your plant.

How to use the Noku Canvas

1. Remove plug plant from pot

2. Insert plant into Noku Pot

3. Place cover over Noku Pot

4. Place Pot into Noku Canvas

5. Attach adhesive patch to wall

6. Place Canvas and enjoy!

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